Neve BCM
 BCM 10 10/2
inputs 10 input channels the same...
1066 or 1073 channel amp
1895 aux/group switch router
channel fader
post-fade o/p XXX
group outputs GROUP 1/2
all groups use 1272
aux/cue sends 1 ea reverb and foldback
mon/remix rtns xxx
reverb returns two direct inputs
other xxx
other xxx
other xxx

EB10111 - console block
[E]C10086 - 2wire drawing NOV''69
EC10215 - schematic - JUN'72 ref A#1152, A#1154, A#1057, A#1311, A#1312, A#1177, A#3124, A#4769

E10023-1895 - switch unit block MAR'70
M11144-1895 - front panel OCT'69
S10023-1895 - schematic OCT'69

need to find/verify
may be refs to other console...
EK 20024 - Monitor & Facilities Panel
ML 60309 - Layout Monitor & Facilities Panel
M/12345 - Layout Jackfield
M/11555 - BCM10 general Layout

comment 1073 channel amplfier (10)
1272 line amplfier (5)
B204 board w talkback and cue
1278 cue amp (1)
1466 oscillator (1)
1895 switch unit (10)












xxxx x/x/x
inputs xxx xxxx channel amp
xxx xxxx aux/group switch router
xxx xxxx faders
post-fade o/p BA283AM/LO1166 ?
group outputs xxx
aux/cue sends xxx aux sends xxx sw pre/post fader
mon/remix rtns xxx
reverb returns xxx xxxx switcher feeds
other xxx
other xxx
other xxx
other xxx
comment xxx