Neve PSM
 PSM 8 or 12 to 2
inputs all channels the same...
1D005 channel input amplifier, fader, switcher
two direct inputs the same...
ID602/3 direct inputs
post-fade o/p xxx
group outputs op bus 1-2 1A205 line amp
main op 1A207 line amp
aux/cue sends xxx
mon/remix rtns xxx
reverb returns xxx
other xxx
other xxx
other xxx
docs xxx

PSM - Portable Sound Mixers - these are typically 8 or 12 inputs and 2 groups. I believe there were a number of custom orders for this type of console.

>>> PSM 12/2 12 Input 2 Bus
1A302 P.S.M. Oscillator
1D005 Channel Amplifier
1D207 Line Amplifier
BA306 Dual Voltage Follower
ID602/3 Direct Input Module
VU-6X413 P.S.M. Meter Module
1A206/205 Line Amplifier